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Panther Plus

Panther Plus Student Review


1.  Login

           Login with your MCCSC Google account at


 2.  Click Select

             Click Select Activity

                         Click the appropriate course specific lab and day(s) to attend 


 ·        Labs are run by course not by department. 

  ·        Select the correct course! 

 ·        If you make a mistake you can click edit and change it before Friday. 



3.  Register by Thursday to give yourself plenty of time    


 ·        Teachers have the final vote on where you go, so if you have a good reason to attend a different lab, discuss with your teachers on Friday.


 ·        If you register for a lab, you will be allowed to make a change during the week.  You will not be allowed to make a change if you do not select a lab.



4.  Schedules are distributed during SRT on Monday


 ·        You can go on-line if you are absent Monday.

  ·        You can go see your SRT teacher Tuesday for your schedule.

 ·        WRITE DOWN YOUR LABS for the week in your planner or save the website on your phone.

 ·        There are no passes for Panther Plus and no day-off changes.

  ·        Make sure you are signed up for what you need.



5.  Choices!!!


 ·        If you are making good grades (above a C) you will have the opportunity to make choices about what labs you attend.

  ·        If you are missing assignments, you will be sent to PACE during Panther Plus (in the café) to finish missing work.  Not finishing your work in PACE will lead to after school detention and PACE II in the library.



6. Why are we doing this?


 ·        Academic preparation is more important than ever, and there are times when everyone needs support.   Every student will have new opportunities to practice what is being learned in class, participate in enrichment, and prepare for exams, papers, etc.   Take advantage of the opportunity!