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Listing of all BHSS Clubs

Academic Super Bowl

Advisor: Ms. McDermott-Sipes

Members team up with the Spell Bowl Team and participate in self-guided learning and academic competitions in science, math, social studies, language arts, and fine arts around a defined topic. Meetings begin in January and are held twice a week; members meet once as a team and once in individual squads. Members participate in two competitions and may qualify for the State Finals round.

Black Culture Club

Advisor: Mr. Quimby

The club is designed especially for minority students to establish and maintain communication among Black students. This club serves as a medium for bringing together Black students, staff, and the community, so that they may share ideas, learn together, and collectively emphasize their roles in the development of meaningful and innovative projects in the high school educational setting. There will be monthly meetings, forums on today’s issues, guest speakers, and more.

Bloomington Robotics Club

Bloomington Robotics Club Logo

Advisor: Mr. Ericson

The mission of the Bloomington Robotics Club is that students will design and build a robot that can compete against opponents in a series of specific game-oriented challenges.  Students will design, build, program and test their robot before the competition events, adhering to list of preset rules and regulations.  Much like traditional sporting events, robotics competitions draw large crowds who gather to see which robot will best perform the task it has set out to complete.  The club supports learning functions such as Design (CAD), Manufacturing, Electronics, Marketing, Fund Raising, Team Work and FUN! See Mr. Ericson in the B-Wing, room B217, to sign up.  For more info click here.

Campus Life

Advisor: Mr. Schunk

This is a fun way to meet new people, play fun games, eat free food, and talk about things that matter. We meet once a week at someone’s house. Listen to the announcements for details.

Diversity Club

Advisor: Ms. Tosti

We are a multicultural group who meet every week to help gain a better understanding and appreciation for different cultures. We work on service and education projects. We meet after school once a week in the Counseling Office.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Advisor: Mr. McKay

FCA is a club for student athletes, and coaches and everyone they influence who want the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

French Club

Advisor: Ms. Smith

“Bonjour!” The French Club meets informally to enjoy French culture. Members participate in cultural activities and compete in a contest with other high schools in the spring. We also sponsor the French exchange that occurs every other year.

German Club

Advisor: Mr. Sobiech

We plan different activities that promote knowledge and awareness of Germanic culture.

Gothic Yearbook

Advisor: Ms. Henderson-Crespo

Staff members write and edit copy, lay out pages, take photographs, check page proofs, sell advertising, and manage the business aspects of yearbook productions. Students must apply for these staff positions. Must be approved by Gothic advisor and meet the prerequisite of either Journalism 1-2 or photography class. Staff meets one class period daily.

Helping Hands

Advisor: Ms. Faubion

Helping Hands is South’s community service or service learning group. As a group we pursue various volunteer activities including, but not limited to, the Hoosier Hills Food Drive, Community Kitchen, and South’s Volunteer Fair. We meet once or twice per month depending on the current program. Come join great people for a great chance to get involved.

Latin Club

Advisor: Ms. Shelton

Latin Club is an extra-curricular group for Latin students and others with an interest in the classical world who wish to better explore the Latin language and its Roman background. Club members plan activities for the group, including Latin Day and the year-end picnic. We meet twice a month (usually) and share food and play games, most of them with Roman trivia or Latin words. New members are welcome.

National Honor Society

Advisor: Ms. Parmenter

Membership is extended to students who meet the following criteria: 1) Juniors with 3.5 GPA at the end of 7 trimesters, OR Seniors with a 3.5 GPA at the end of 9 trimesters 2) Active participation in at least two activities one of which must be at BHSS; the other may be a community activity 3) Faculty recommendations based on leadership and character

The Optimist

Advisor: Ms. Mills

We meet one daily class period and also after school (time varies each week). We produce the student newspaper. Newspaper staff plan each issue, write and edit stories, write headlines and photo captions, lay out pages, take and process photographs, sell advertising, and manage the business aspects of newspaper production. We use the latest computer software used by professional newspapers. Students interested in working on Optimist must take Journalism first.

Panther Activity Council

Advisor: Ms. Chrzastowski

The Panther Activity Council acts as the welcoming body for Bloomington High School South. The group greets people at sports games, concerts, and various other student activities. Also, other welcoming programs are organized for special events. There is an application process to become involved in the organization. See sponsor for details.

Panther Hoops

Advisor: Jay True

Intramural Basketball League that runs from late January until Spring Break.  Students make their own teams or play on one of Mr. True's house teams.  Teams play a nine game schedule plus a single elimination tournament.  All skill levels are welcome.  For more information, you should contact Mr. True at or visit him in the Main Office. 

Panther Regiment

Advisor: Mr. Nicholas

The Panther Color Guard what performs in the Fall with the marching band. It is the prerequisite to participating in the Winter Guard. Being in the band is not required to be a part of the Color Guard. All interested students are welcome to participate.

Peer Mediation

Advisor: Ms. Cambridge

Peer Mediation trains students to serve as mediators to assist other students during the school day. We accept applications at the end of the year.

Pep Band

Advisor: Mr. Nicholas

Members of the Pep Band provide spirit and pep at various school athletic functions.



Proud is a Gay Straight Alliance, the oldest such student club in Indiana. We have discussions, guest speakers, films, fun and fund raising projects. We sponsor Day of Silence and participate widely in school and community affairs. All are welcome.


Advisor: Ms. Kvale

Science Olympiad is an academic competition focusing on all areas of science. Teams of 15 students compete on the regional, state, and national level. Teams are formed in October and the competitions are in February, March and May.

Science Olympiad Team

Advisor: Ms. Kvale

Science Olympiad is an academic competition focusing on all areas of science. Teams of 15 students compete on the regional, state, and national level. Teams are formed in October and the competitions are in February, March and May.

Ski Club

Advisor: Mr. McKay

The primary purpose of the Ski club is to get skiers and snowboarders together so that they can meet other skiers and snowboarders in the school. Membership in the club also allows a person to purchase a season pass at Paoli Peaks at a discounted rate.

Sounds of South

Advisor: Ms. Upchurch

Highest caliber mixed chorus engages in activities that develop musicianship and specific performance skills through ensemble and solo singing. Experience live performances by professionals. Engage in a limited number of public performances. Students meet one period a day. Spring audition required.

Spanish Club

Advisor: Ms. Ansari

Spanish Club meets once a week in A107. We plan and organize a workshop for elementary students to learn about the Mexican Holiday Day of the Dead. We celebrate other holidays as well such as Cinco de Mayo. Also, the Spanish club holds free Latin dance lessons to the BHSS community with a Latin dance following. Throughout the year we also have collected Pencils for Posoltega and participate in multi-cultural festivals throughout the Bloomington Community.

Spell Bowl

Advisor: Ms. von Buchler

Members meet twice a week to prepare for two spelling competitions where they have the opportunity to compete with area schools.

Student Council

Advisor: Mr. McKay

Our purpose is to provide a representative of the student body, improve participation of students, provide leadership opportunities, and learning experiences of governmental processes. We organize Homecoming, Food Drive, Holiday Child gift drive, Winter Court, Elections, and many other activities. Student must be elected during school-wide elections or attend meetings and be voted on by current Student Council members. We meet about one hour per week (more during busy periods).

Theatre South (Drama Club)

Advisor: Ms. Rademacher

This organization encourages students to embrace all aspects of theatre – not just acting. Members may audition for any/all of the three yearly shows, or participate in any of the technical/production facets of each show. Theatre South members are known for being outgoing, enthusiastic and having fun.

Youth Summit


The Youth Summit is a day for youth, facilitated by youth to discuss and debate the many issues you face as a teenager in Monroe County. The Youth summit is open to randomly selected youth from grades 9-12 who want to share ideas with other students from Bloomington HS North, Edgewood, aurora, and harmony. After the one day Youth Summit students are given the opportunity to follow up on their ideas and concerns by meeting monthly in their schools with a school supervisor. Youth in Action is the school group that meets weekly to discuss and plan drug free activities in Monroe County.